Here we present an overview of the media coverage, research, reports and public response calling for rail safety improvements since the tragedy in Lac-Mégantic on July 6, 2013. Once thing is clear: Toronto and other communities across Canada have made their fears known to the government and industry but to what end?

A Danger on the Rails by Jon Bowermaster of the New York Times

This five minute video produced by Jon Bowermaster of the New York Times is an excellent introduction to rail safety issues. [April 22, 2015]

This short documentary warns about the dangers posed by trains that transport explosive oil across North America. Produced by: Jon Bowermaster Read the story here: CORRECTION: This version includes an incorrect caption for a photograph of a train derailment.


Oil shipments by rail have increased 28,000 per cent since 2009

Read the article: Toronto Star - July 8, 2013

VIDEO: A closer look at the Lac-Mégantic disaster zone

The National - July 16, 2013

Reporters visit the edge of the 'red zone' in Lac-Mégantic for our first look at the worst of the disaster.



VIDEO: Residents say trains carrying crude oil spark fears of Toronto rail disaster

Watch the video: CityTV– Feb 28, 2014


VIDEO: Local residents questions safety of rail tankers carrying oil through Toronto

Watch the video: CityTV - March 3, 2014


Spike in crude oil trains rumbling through heart of Toronto raises concerns

Read the article: Toronto Star - March 5, 2014


VIDEO: If there were a derailment could Toronto’s emergency services handle it?

Watch the video: CityTV - March 11, 2014


As the amount of oil shipped by rail increases in Canada, so do concerns over its safety

Watch the video: CBC Metro Morning – March 6, 2014


Poll shows majority of Toronto residents opposed to shipping oil via midtown rail corridor

Read the article: Toronto Star –March 15, 2014


Crude Awakening: Oil by rail debate heats up over our most flammable commodity

 Read the article: NOW Magazine –March 27


Lac Megantic Disaster: Railway’s One-Man Crew Documents Kept Secret

Read the article: Toronto Star – April 4, 2014


Flawed tests play down crude oil’s explosiveness

Read the article: Globe & Mail – April 7, 2014


Lift the secrecy on rail safety

Read the article: Toronto Star – April 7, 2014


VIDEO: Hommage à nos disparus de Lac-Mégantic (Tribute to the fallen of Lac-Mégantic)

YouTube – July 6, 2014

Cette vidéo à été conçu pour la page Facebook "Hommage à nos disparus de Lac-Mégantic, reposez en paix", dont je suis l'administratrice principale. Afin de préserver la mémoire des 47 personnes de ma ville qui sont décédées le 6 juillet 2013. Lien de la page Facebook:

VIDEO: Bomb Trains – The Crude Gamble of Oil by Rail

Vice News - July 29, 2014

Subscribe to VICE News here: It's estimated that 9 million barrels of crude oil are moving over the rail lines of North America at any given moment. Oil trains charging through Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, and Canada's Quebec, New Brunswick, and Alberta provinces have derailed and exploded, resulting in severe environmental damage and, in the case of Quebec, considerable human casualties.

VIDEO: BOOM North America’s Explosive oily-by-rail problem

The Weather Channel – December 10, 2014

On July 6, 2013, a train hauling two million gallons of crude oil exploded in the Canadian town of Lac-Megantic, killing 47 people. It took two days to put out the fire and devastated the small community. That catastrophe was in part an American story.

VIDEO: Risk on the Rails – The Hidden Danger of Transporting Oil

[McClatchy – Dec 31, 2014]

America's rail network made new oil production possible, but government and industry alike missed potential problems and failed to fix them before a series of catastrophic derailments, including one that killed 47 people. (Curtis Tate/McClatchy)



Four crude-oil train derailments in North America raise questions about safety claims

Read the article: LA Times - March 12, 2015

VIDEO: Lessons learned in Lac-Mégantic railway disaster

National Fire Protection Association Presentation – June 30, 2015

The story of the Lac Mégantic incident represents an important chapter in the modern era of risk management. On July 6, 2013, a runaway train composed of 72 tank cars transporting crude oil from North Dakota to the east coast derailed in the center of a town in rural Quebec.


Investigating a tragedy: Piecing together the events of Lac-Mégantic

Read the article: Globe and Mail – July 19, 2015


Neglected railways increase risk of exploding bomb trains

Read the article: Truthout – November 13, 2015


Minister of Transport Mandate Letter from PM Trudeau

Read the letter: PM office – November 2014


Toronto takes rail worries to new transport minister

Read the article: Toronto Star – April 6, 2016


VIDEO: Rail Safety Group wants to prevent a Lac-Mégantic disaster in Toronto

Watch the video: CityNews – April 26, 2016


Minister of Transport Marc Garneau shares views on the future of Canada’s transportation system

Read the article


TSB flags safety concerns amid surge in runaway trains

Read the article: Globe and Mail – May 29, 2016


The Lost Lessons of Lac-Mégantic

Read the article: Toronto Star – June 27, 2016


The Lac-Mégantic Disaster: Three Years Later

Read the article: Mark Winfield, Associate Professor at York University – July 7, 2016


Toronto derailment shows rail safety gap

Read the article: Toronto Star – August 22, 2016


VIDEO: Residents uneasy after CP train carrying dangerous goods derails in mid-town Toronto

Watch the video: CTV News – August 22, 2016


VIDEO: CP train derailment causing concern for how dangerous goods are transported

Watch the video: CityNews – August 22, 2016


Mid-town Toronto CP Rail accident highlights need for railway safety reform

Read the article: Mark Winfield, Associate Professor at York University – Aug 24, 2016


Transportation Safety Board Investigation into main track derailment in Toronto

Read the article: TSB – August 2016 to ongoing



rail safety first twitter feed

dangerous goods trains rumbling through toronto's summerhill neighbourhood

Report is a rail safety wake-up call:  Fiery derailment in remote northern Ontario serves as a warning that unless changes are made, densely populated areas might be next.

Read the article: Toronto Star - March 13, 2017